Thursday, 18 February 2010

Rubiks cube: Tips to break 1 minute wall

Hi guys, I have been absorbed into cubing for a while. lol.

Today I'm back with some tricks for solving the rubiks cube in less than one minute.

Here are some tips and tricks:
  1. Do the algorithms without a pause.
    You should memorize the beginner method algorithms, and execute them without a pause. I mean when you do the algorithms, you should be able to do it without thinking. In order to be able to do this, you should do the algorithms over and over again until the muscle in your hand memorizes the algorithms. That way, even though sometimes you forget the algorithms' notations, your hands have already memorize the algorithms, and able to do it without thinking.
    I think that most of cubers don't even remember the notations of the algorithms, but their hands can execute the algorithms without thinking what the moves are. If someone asks me to write down my algorithms, I will not be able to do it without trying it on a cube first and then write it. In conclusion, let your hands memorize the algorithms in order to do the algorithms without any pauses.

  2. Learn how to do basic fingertricks.
    To be able to break the 1 minute wall, you should use your fingers to turn the cube. I don't mean use all fingers to turn only one face. I mean use one finger to turn one face. For example, to do a U turn, use your right forefinger to turn U. In order to turn R or L, of course you can use your all fingers there. For D turn, you can use your left ring finger, so that you don't need to change the position of your hands. The point is that use your fingers efficiently.
    Here's a link to a website of Joel Van Noort, there are some useful tutorial about fingertricks and some other cubing stuff:

  3. The 'p' word.
    Practice! People say that practice makes perfect! lol. Don't give up! A lot of people can pass the 1 minute wall, of course you can do it to!
Good luck!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

How to memorize algorithms for Rubik's cube?

Hi guys! For those who are also into speedcubing and wondering how to memorize the algorithms, I have a way to memorize the algorithms. My way is actually very simple, but according to my experience, it's effective.

I memorize the algorithms by doing them for minimum 40 times in a row. That way, your fingers will remember how you do it.

Here are the steps:
  1. Prepare a solved cube
    Preparing a solved cube has something to do with the cycle. I have noticed that if an algorithm is done several times, the first pattern will always come back. For instance, we have a solved u face, and we do an algorithm 4 times, and at the end we'll have a solved u face too. Some patterns will come back after being done 4 times, some patterns 6 times, and other patterns might need 7, 8, 10, etc.
    A solved cube will help you to indicate that we are doing the algorithms correctly, because when we do it correctly, at the end it will always a solved face.

  2. Do the algorithms slowly, look at your fingers, and feel the turns
    We have to start slowly because when we are doing the algorithms, we would be able to see the fingers and feel the turns. Personally, I do the algorithms slowly for the first 10 times, and if I feel I have memorized the algorithms, I'll make it faster and faster eventually.

  3. Use finger tricks(optional)
    This might not suit very beginner cubers who do not know about finger tricks yet. I am not an expert cuber, but I know some finger tricks. When we do the algorithms using the finger tricks, we automatically divide the algorithms into several fragments. The fragments would be useful by reducing the number of movement we have to memorize. For example, if we are doing RUR' , if we are doing the finger tricks, we will automatically remember those movements as one continuous movement. Thus, reducing the number of movement we have to remember. By doing it over and over again, our finger will get used to the algorithms.

  4. Do the algorithms minimum 40 times, write how many times you have done the algorithms
    Personally, I do the algorithm minimum 40 times. I still do it 40 times even though sometimes I have memorized the algorithms after the 25th times. The reason is that I am making my muscle to memorize the algorithms. We have something which is called muscle-memory. This memory is used when we move our body without thinking, just by feeling. For example, a pianist will play the piano without thinking what fingers he should use to push the tuts, if he has gotten used to the playing the song. Another example is a martial artist who can respond to a sudden attack just by relying on his reflexes. His body will respond according to what he has trained. The training makes his muscle to memorize the movements.
Those are the steps I do to memorize algorithms. I hope that it will help those who are having a hard time memorizing algorithms.
Good luck in memorizing your algorithms!

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Hi guys! Right now I am addicted to speedcubing. I am trying to solve a rubik's cube 3x3x3 as fast as possible, but I am still not that good.

If you want to try to do speecubing, just buy a cube and try to solve it by beginners solution first. Then later try to learn more advanced solutions. I've written some articles about Rubik's cube on this blog.

You can try these websites too:

Here is a video of...

Rubik's cube official world record 7.08s Erik Akkersdijk